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LED Torchlights

LED torchlights up for sale!

Extremely bright, and easy to store. Extremely durable. For all kinds of usage!

Retail starts from $7 onwards!

Free delivery in bulk.

Exporters/blogshops welcome!

Enquire at 63325560 or email us at


Meico Lotus Marketing Pte Ltd


Data switches, KVM switches, Adapters and connectors, auto switches!

Cabling tools, Cable Ties, USB convertors, VGA cables

Microphone, Mouse, Headsets, Earpieces, Speakers

KVM Switches, switch panels, switchboards, LED Torchlights

All in one GPS system!

AiCheFang GPS System (GM-5008B)

GPS system with the following functions:

- GPS (Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand, United States maps!)
- Speed Camera Warning
- Faster Route
- Displays bearing, Speed, Direction
- Search for nearby facilities (Shopping centres, Places of interest, Petrol Kiosk, Rest Stops)
- Intelligent Voice Direction system
- Run through program to show your intended route in a glance
- Arrows with distance to show your next intended turn
- Immediate route recalculation upon missing of turn
- Accurate to the nearest Metre

Additional Functions:
- MP3,MP4, Movie player. (Connects to your sound system via FM)
- Radio Transmitter
- Digital Television
- Video Player
- Photo Viewer
- EBook
- BlueTooth
- Games
- Alarm

- Upgradable Memory Card (4GB, 16GB)
- Powered by Microsoft Windows CE
- Car Charger and adapter for Cigarette Compartment
- Adapter with suction system for easy attachment to the windscreen

Recommended Retail: SGP$250.00 Exclusive GST, Delivery.

Exporters welcome!

Demo Set available at Meico Lotus Marketing Pte Ltd, Sim Lim Square, #06-16 !
Enquire at 63325560 (Henry, Bryan)


The Cable Hub

Established since 1990, and located in Sim Lim Square, Cable Hub offers more than thousands of different cables for different applications. Ranging from USB's to HDMI, VGA to Fibre Cords, any cable you need, we supply.

Require a cable that is unavailable for ready purchase? We customise!

Do not hestitate to visit us at Sim Lim Square, Rochor Rd, #06-16, or drop us an enquiry at +65 6332 5560

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